List of applications

Documentation context

  • Product sheets : Application Simple MOM+ to manage and control product information.
  • Poster Generator : Simple Document Manager.
  • Look Book Generator : Simple Document Manager.
  • Simple Dashboard : Production follow-up.

Other applications

  • Simple MOM+ : Management and data quality.
  • Simple Brief+ : Flat plan with Simple Localizer and Simple Review features.
  • Simple FileView? : File upload / download.
  • Simple Dashboard : Production follow-up.
  • Simple Localizer : InDesign document modifications with a Browser (Web2Print).
  • Simple Review : Proof-reading and document annotations.
  • Simple TextEdit? : Text editor.
  • Simple Wizard : Wizard to create projects starting from template projects.


  • Product : A set of references (or SKU).
  • References or SKU : The reference of an item; can be named « Source » in the user interface.
  • Module : The package including an InDesign file and the set of rules used to define how the information will be laid out.
  • Master : The InDesign Master page defined in the « Master.indd » document.
  • Grid : The layout grid designed to help the user position placement zones.


Some items can be visible or hidden depending on user rights.

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