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Main Window

The main window displays:

  • The "Page" area to the left displays the page or page selection.

_Please note: the edition is limited to 10 pages at a time._

  • The "Content" area to the right displays the text or image content.

Simple Brief Modes

Simple Brief features various working modes available via the toolbar:

"Add content to pages" mode

- To create pages and add content using product records.

"Edit document online" mode

- To edit text and images from an InDesign document.

"Review document" mode

- To annotate and validate a document.

"Revision manager" mode

- To track the modifications made during the production cycle.

Global Actions

To zoom in/out pages

  • Use the zoom ruler located at the top left.

To show / hide document boxes

  • Click on the wheel button of the page.
  • Select Show / Hide boxes.

Page Actions

To edit a text box

  • Click on the area containing the text to be edited.
  • Edit the text in the "Content" area .

In "Pro" mode, brackets indicate style boundaries.

The paragraph and character styles of the InDesign document are available using the menus above the text input field in the "Content" area.

_Note: Paragraph and character styles must be assigned to any text element in InDesign.

To change an image

  • Click on the image to be changed.
  • Click on the "Choose…" button in the "Content" area.
  • Select the image in the DAM View.
  • Click "Validate" to confirm the changes or "Cancel".

_Note: the text and image boxes can be resized and moved according to the user's rights._

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